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5 Benefits of Group Therapy

benefits of group therapy
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When people turn to substance use, it’s often because they need to fill a void. It could be that they are grieving, facing a mental health disorder, or lacking support from friends or family. 

In those cases, substance use is a coping mechanism. And when use stops, those other issues rear their ugly heads right back up again. This is why a group therapy program is strongly recommended for anyone recovering from substance use disorder. 

A group therapy program in Ohio will often supply patients with the support they need to manage their substance use and the difficult circumstances that led them to use in the first place.

At The Bluffs, we believe that there are a number of benefits that come from group therapy. To explore your options for group therapy, give us a call today at 850.374.5331.

5 Important Benefits Of Group Therapy

1. Battling Feelings of Loneliness

Recovery is a notoriously lonely experience. Group therapy may just be the antidote. 

When a person is recovering from addiction, they may feel as though their experience is uniquely difficult. While no two recovery paths are the same, there is something to be said about the benefits of knowing you are not alone. This is why battling feelings of loneliness is among the benefits of group therapy for addiction recovery.

As a person participates in group therapy, they will have the opportunity to hear and learn from the stories of people in similar situations. Ultimately, this will reduce feelings of isolation.

2. Giving and Receiving Support

In addition to hearing the stories of others, people in recovery will have the chance to participate in those recoveries. Giving and receiving support from other members of the group is not only possible but it’s also encouraged.

Sharing their experiences, feelings of hope, and even suggestions for growth will benefit every member of the group. Ultimately, each member will have the chance to learn from and share with the group on a daily basis.

3. Finding Your Voice

Group therapy is a great way for someone confronting their substance use to identify and communicate their feelings. Finding a sense of self is often difficult for people in recovery. However, group therapy can serve as a safe place for people to work through their emotions and better understand the person they want to be.

Talking about who you are outside of your substance use and hearing similar thoughts from others can be extremely therapeutic. Connecting with others will serve to help people in recovery connect with themselves.

4. Communicating in a Healthy Way

As you might imagine, communication is a key part of group therapy. It’s also an area in which many people confronting substance use struggle. Giving and receiving honest feedback is hugely important for the members of the group. And it will help each person to become better able to handle the conflicts of life.

5. Establishing a Feeling of Safety

Everyone in recovery needs a safe place to express themselves. Group therapy may serve as that safe haven.

The group may serve as a safety net for people who also struggle with feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and/or depression. It’s not uncommon for members of group therapy to feel bolder and braver as the experience goes on. 

Knowing you have a team of supportive members who are there to catch you will undoubtedly make a person less worried about a potential fall.

Learn More About the Benefits of Group Therapy at The Bluffs 

At The Bluffs, we believe in the benefits of group therapy for addiction recovery. If you would like to learn more about our group therapy program in Ohio, all you have to do is call us at 850.374.5331. We will be happy to discuss your situation in greater detail and find a healthy fit for you.

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