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Meditation and mindfulness practices are effective tools in helping people recover from substance use disorders. Ohio patients seeking addiction treatment therapies can find significant relief from intrusive thoughts and powerful cravings with a meditative therapy program. 

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Meditation Therapy Program for Addiction in Ohio

Meditation is a spiritual practice that has been around for thousands of years. It has recently come into the spotlight for its profound beneficial effects on a variety of mental health disorders. 

Techniques like meditation are quickly becoming recognized as an evidence-based treatment method for depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, and other mental health conditions. 

Mindfulness practices are particularly effective at helping people manage substance use disorders, and many leading treatment centers across the nation have incorporated a meditative therapy program. Ohio-based patients looking for this treatment option need to look no further than The Bluffs Ohio.

How Does Meditation Help Addiction?

Meditation has several effects that can be beneficial for people struggling with addiction. The key benefits of meditation include:

The mechanism behind how meditation can have these effects is an indirect one. Meditation teaches people to become aware of the contents of their minds rather than focusing on their problems. In doing so, they can begin to understand that not all of their thoughts require action.

A description of meditation might help illuminate how it can have these effects. In formal meditation, practitioners rest comfortably and close their eyes. 

They focus on their breath or sensations in their body. When they notice their attention drift from their point of focus onto a stream of thoughts, they acknowledge the thought and let it go, returning to their focus. The noticing of thoughts—rather than getting carried away by them—is the essential component of mindfulness.

Reduced Relapse Rates

Reduced relapse rates are the primary result of meditation therapy for substance abuse treatment. Ohio treatment seekers who learn meditation can practice how to interrupt thought patterns, stopping relapse in its tracks. This is particularly useful for people new to recovery, who often have repeated intrusive thoughts about drug or alcohol use. 

Meditative therapy can teach those in recovery not to let their thoughts about relapse distract them and instead shift their focus to a more meaningful activity.

Stress Relief

Stress relief is arguably the most widely known benefit of meditation. Keeping up a regular meditation practice can indeed reduce stress levels and help manage unavoidable stress. For people new to recovery, countless stressors can color their mental health. These can include:

In fact, all of these can contribute to unhealthy stress levels. Regularly practicing meditation can make these stresses more manageable and help people focus their energies on recovery.

Co-Occurring Disorders

With addiction, co-occurring disorders happen quite frequently. People struggling with anxiety or depressive disorders often have a more difficult time reaching recovery, but meditative therapy has been shown to help reduce the symptoms of these disorders. 

Substance use is often used as a means of “self-medicating” symptoms of such disorders, so treating the root cause can go a long way toward achieving sobriety.

Meditative Therapy Programs at The Bluffs Ohio

At The Bluffs Ohio, we proudly offer a meditation therapy program for addiction. Ohio-based patients can benefit from our suite of compassionate and effective addiction treatment services without having to travel far from home for treatment. 

Contact 850-374-5331 to get in touch with our team to find the treatment center that can best help you toward your recovery goal.

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