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Music is a language that everyone understands. Incorporating music therapy alongside other addiction treatment therapies is a powerful tool in helping people recover from addiction and has greater benefits than you might expect.

With our music therapy program, Ohio patients seeking treatment for substance use disorders can find a valuable tool for managing cravings, finding joy, and expressing themselves in a productive and healthy way. 

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What Is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is an evidence-based treatment method that uses music as a tool to help people achieve their treatment goals.  Using the tools of songwriting, drumming, lyrical analysis, and musical games, a music therapist can help guide patients to a deeper understanding of their emotions and teach healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with stress. 

With a music therapy program, Ohio treatment-seekers can benefit from clinically proven results in the domains of stress, relaxation, and treatment engagement.

Music Therapy for Addiction Treatment in Ohio

When joining our music therapy for addiction treatment, Ohio patients can expect several benefits that can help them overcome their addictions and find recovery. Music therapy is typically a complementary treatment, which means that it is best used in conjunction with standard addiction treatment programs. The benefits of music therapy include:

Music therapy can also enhance social functioning by gathering people to share common interests, teaching those new in recovery valuable social skills, and making treatment more enjoyable.

How Music Therapy Helps

Certified music therapists have extensive training in both music and clinical care. Music therapy is used as an adjunct treatment for a variety of mental health and behavioral problems. It is effective in treating disorders such as: 

Music can both provide a welcome diversion from troubling thoughts or times and help people connect with emotions that are more easily accessible through song. Many music therapists emphasize music’s ability to help deal with cravings and get through difficult times in addiction recovery. 

The early phase of recovery is often the hardest to overcome, with significant withdrawal symptoms, a change in environment and friend groups, and the lifestyle changes that come with quitting substances for good. 

Music therapy provides an outlet that can be both mentally beneficial and emotionally uplifting, and it can help people realize that it’s possible to enjoy their recovery.

Enhancing the Effectiveness of Other Treatments

Perhaps the greatest benefit of music therapy for addiction recovery, Ohio music therapy programs are geared toward enhancing the benefits of gold-standard addiction treatment methods. 

Music therapy has the distinctive effect of improving treatment engagement outcomes. When people become more engaged with treatment as a whole, all therapies become more efficacious, leading to better rates of recovery and a lower chance of relapse.

Music therapy can also provide catharsis when other treatment methods become too intense or emotionally taxing. Listening to or creating music can provide substantial emotional release, and music therapists encourage the use of music to cope while in session and in a patient’s free time.

Explore Music Therapy for Addiction Recovery at The Bluffs Ohio

At The Bluffs Ohio, we believe that evidence-based treatments and compassionate care can make recovery accessible to all.  Recovering from substance use disorder is hard work, but with a comprehensive suite of addiction treatment services, including music therapy for addiction recovery, Ohio locals and out-of-state patients alike can find sobriety and rebuild their lives. 

Call 850-374-5331 today to speak to one of our addiction treatment professionals, and start getting the help you need.

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