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The Narcotics Anonymous recovery program (NA) is one of the best-known 12-Step programs in the U.S. Like its predecessor, Alcoholics Anonymous, NA is a peer-led self-help group that relies on fellowship and 12 basic tenants to help maintain abstinence. Despite the name, NA focuses on all substance use disorders, not just those involving narcotics. To learn more about NA, one of our addiction treatment programs in Ohio, call The Bluffs Ohio at 850-374-5331.

What Is the NA Recovery Program?

NA was founded in 1953 using the same foundational guidelines as AA. Any person who is suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol is welcome at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting.

Narcotics Anonymous is not affiliated with any specific religion, but it does rely on the belief in a “Higher Power.” However, that Higher Power can be interpreted to meet each participant’s belief system. It may be a person’s NA group, their family, love, God, or other symbolic systems.

There is never a charge to attend NA meetings. Gatherings are organized and facilitated by peers. Typically, a person who has spent many years in recovery and has experience in NA will lead a group meeting and keep it moving according to the organization’s guidelines, or 12 Traditions. While the 12 Traditions are universal, each group is allowed the flexibility to adapt guidelines to best serve its community.

The goal of the Narcotics Anonymous recovery program is to help people who are in or want to be in recovery, spread the word that recovery is possible, and give those in recovery an opportunity to be of service.

What to Expect from NA Recovery Program Meetings

Whether you are attending an NA program in Ohio or anywhere across the U.S., you can count on certain rules to be upheld.

Meeting locations vary and don’t necessarily indicate any type of affiliation. Churches and other public spaces commonly host 12-Step groups, but no specific religious or group affiliation is required or expected.

Types of NA Meetings

There are thousands of 12-Step meetings happening across the U.S. every week. Finding an NA program in Ohio is easy. Simply search online or contact a mental health organization or recovery center for information. However, not all meetings are the same.

Some of the most common types of formats include:

Joining a meeting doesn’t require any type of registration, payment, or long-term commitment. Meetings typically last 60 to 90 minutes. If you wish to socialize with others and get to know the NA community, plan on coming early or staying after the meeting for social time.

Learn More About Our Narcotics Anonymous Program in Ohio at The Bluffs Ohio

When you Pick Your Path with The Bluffs, you work with your treatment team to identify the recovery method that is most closely aligned with your needs and goals. With the support of your treatment team, you select the path you feel will be most beneficial for you.

The Bluffs Ohio believes it’s important to include a variety of evidence-based therapies in our recovery programs. Maintaining a Narcotics Anonymous program in Ohio fulfills part of our commitment to the recovery community. It also provides those who are new to recovery an opportunity to see how others are maintaining their sobriety outside of a treatment center.

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