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Fentanyl is an extremely addictive synthetic opioid drug that is fifty to one hundred times more potent than morphine and fifty times stronger than heroin. Due to this potency, fentanyl use can quickly lead to tolerance, addiction, or deadly overdose. Breaking the cycle of fentanyl addiction is possible with comprehensive treatment. By choosing substance abuse treatment, a person is given an opportunity for a healthier, drug-free life.

If you or someone you care about might benefit from fentanyl addiction treatment in Ohio, reach out to The Bluffs today by calling 850-374-5331 or completing our online contact form. Our fentanyl addiction treatment program in Ohio provides people with the tools they need to enjoy genuine recovery from this form of addiction.

Understanding Fentanyl

Fentanyl has a high potential for use and can cause severe physical or psychological dependence. Fentanyl is sold illegally and used due to the way its effects largely mimic heroin. Like heroin, fentanyl creates its effects by binding to opioid receptors in the brain that regulate pain and emotions. This drug takes two forms, which are pharmaceutical fentanyl or illicit fentanyl. Either of these can be used in a way that leads to addiction.

Pharmaceutical prescription fentanyl is used to treat severe pain in individuals who are not able to be treated with other medications and who need around-the-clock pain management. It is also used to treat breakthrough pain. Most commonly, it is prescribed to treat pain after surgery or pain in cancer patients.

Fentanyl Use Short-Term Effects

As such a potent drug, the effects of fentanyl may be felt very quickly after a person takes the drug. People who inject fentanyl may feel these effects even faster. While some people self-medicate with fentanyl for its ability to relieve pain, the drug is highly used to create a sense of euphoria and a deep sense of relaxation.

When a person is taking fentanyl in these ways, they may experience short-term effects of fentanyl use, such as:

Taking fentanyl may cause a person to become unconscious or have breathing problems. Even in the short term, the use of fentanyl can be very dangerous. A single use of fentanyl could cause life-threatening respiratory depression and overdose.

Fentanyl Withdrawal and Detox

An inpatient withdrawal management program, otherwise known as inpatient detox, may be necessary for people who are moderately to severely addicted to fentanyl. Symptoms of fentanyl withdrawal can become extreme. Paired with intense cravings, these states may push a person to relapse as they try to reduce withdrawal symptoms. A residential medical detox program provides 24-hour oversight and medical care, support that can be a critical component of reducing the risk of relapse and improving success at this time.

An inpatient medically supervised detox program for fentanyl addiction typically uses medications to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Suboxone and other buprenorphine-based medications are evidence-based treatments that are frequently used at this time. A person remains in this safe and comfortable environment while their body cleanses the drug from its system. Once a person has stabilized, they can move to rehab to begin the next stage of treatment.

The Bluffs’s Treatment Programs

Our range of treatment programs at The Bluffs means that every person in our care receives the comprehensive care they need and deserve.

Our treatment programs include:

Begin to Heal with Fentanyl Addiction Treatment in Ohio at The Bluffs

At The Bluffs, our fentanyl rehab center in Ohio provides the perfect setting for people to heal from the mental and physical toll of addiction. Learn more about our fentanyl addiction rehab in Ohio or how to overcome fentanyl use in Ohio from our team today by calling 850-374-5331 or filling out our online form.

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