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PnP Addiction

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Party and play, or PnP, is a term for sexualized drug use, where recreational drugs are used to facilitate and enhance sexual activity. It’s also known as chemsex when referring to its occurrence in the queer community. While popular among groups of consenting adults, party and play may still lead to addiction due to the habitual use of substances. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction that began with PnP, there are a variety of addiction therapy programs available in Ohio to help with treatment.

At The Bluffs, we provide a wide range of programs and services to help patients overcome addiction, regardless of the root cause. We offer an understanding and accepting community for anyone struggling with drug use and mental health disorders. Our evidence-based therapies help our clients to achieve genuine recovery and lasting sobriety. If you are ready to take control of your life, contact us at 850.374.5331 today to learn more about how we can help.

What Is Party and Play Addiction?

Party and play, PnP, chemsex, or sexualized drug use all refer to the use of drugs in combination with sex. The drugs most commonly used for PnP are methamphetamine, GHB, GBL, or mephedrone. These drugs induce euphoria, increased energy, and lowered inhibition while also enhancing sexual arousal and sexual stamina. It is also possible to use a combination of drugs to enhance the experience. There are many reasons someone may choose to engage in PnP, a few are:

  • They seek to increase their sexual confidence and overcome body image issues or sexual insecurities
  • They may have been subject to peer pressure and they feel like they should participate in order to bond with their community
  • They seek to increase their libido, which may have gone down with aging
  • They want to increase their sexual longevity
  • They need the loss of inhibition in order to participate in sexual experimentation
  • They believe that engaging in PnP heightens feelings of intimacy with their partner

While the reasons listed above may be legitimate, the repeated use of drugs may lead to tolerance and escalating dosage. This can also be compounded by the need for intense sexual experiences or sexual dysfunction, which may further complicate recovery. When someone is having difficulty quitting sexualized drug use, they may already have a PnP addiction.

What Are the Risks of PnP Addiction?

While drug use always involves negative side effects that can harm a person’s brain and body, an addiction to PnP includes additional risks that are related to being sexually irresponsible while under the influence. A few of the risks of PnP addiction are:

  • Exposure to STIs and STDs, such as herpes, chlamydia, hepatitis, or HIV, either through unprotected sex or through sharing drug paraphernalia.
  • An increased risk for sexual assault or sexual violence. This includes the inability to consent to sex due to being under the influence of drugs.
  • An increased risk for unplanned and unwanted pregnancy.
  • Engaging in dangerous and risky sexual behavior, such as strangulation or suffocation.
  • Excessive and prolonged strain on the heart due to the combination of drugs and sex. This can lead to heart failure.
  • Repeated sexual intercourse can result in physical trauma.
  • Developing a reliance on drugs in order to engage in sexual activity. This may result in difficulty engaging in sex while sober and being unable to form healthy intimate relationships with others.
  • An increased risk of developing an addiction to drugs, sex, or both.

Some people with PnP addiction may identify as both sex addicts or drug addicts, or they may identify as neither. It is important that treatment can address both parts of their addiction simultaneously to achieve lasting results.

The Bluffs Offers Addiction Therapy Programs

The Bluffs in Sherrodsville provides a safe, welcoming facility in which patients can detox and recover under the guidance of experienced medical staff. Our treatments and therapies can be catered to each patient to give them the best chance at successful recovery and lifelong health. If you or a loved one is struggling with PnP addiction, contact us at 850.374.5331 to take the first step toward healing.

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