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Life After Addiction

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Just thinking about life after addiction can fill you with both hope and anxiety.  Depending on your circumstances, your entire life may need to change in order to remain sober. As with all things in addiction treatment and recovery, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to figure out everything at once.

Many challenges lie ahead, but with good health and support on your side, you’ll have what it takes to meet each one. If you’re ready to change your life for the better with the help of addiction treatment, call The Bluffs today at 850.374.5331.

Life After Addiction—Now What?

Completing an addiction treatment program does not mean you’re now “recovered” and life can go back to normal. You may opt to participate in a step-down program of some kind after completing your initial treatment program.

If a patient does not feel ready to go back into the “real world” immediately after treatment, other options provide a more stable transition into daily life. Some options include:

  • Aftercare
  • Sober living facilities
  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Outpatient programs
  • Peer support networks
  • Ongoing individual therapy

People with a history of substance use and those with high relapse rates or co-occurring conditions that are difficult to manage may need the extra support of a transitional program. All of these options can make it easier to transition into a productive, secure life after rehab.

Tips for Enjoying Life after Rehab

Embracing life after addiction sometimes means leaving old friends or even family members behind if they do not support your sobriety. You may have to rebuild professional and personal relationships. Fortunately, you have learned the necessary skills during treatment. Now it’s time to apply them. Consider these tips for making your transition into daily life a little easier:

  • Find a sober support group and get a sponsor or sober mentor
  • Follow a structured routine every day
  • Take excellent care of your physical health
  • Practice meditation, journaling, or stress-relieving breathing exercises
  • Find enjoyable activities you would never have considered before recovery
  • Take any medications that have been prescribed to maintain your mental or physical health
  • Find a way to be of service by volunteering or helping others in recovery

Staying active in a sober network is key, especially for those who are new to recovery. Your treatment center may provide an alumni network or host sober support group meetings. Remember, there are several kinds of support groups available, including online groups. If one is not a good fit, find another.

Rebuilding Your Work Life After Addiction

Not every person struggling with addiction burns bridges on the way to recovery, but many do. If you left your job on bad terms and are feeling anxious about getting back to work, stay optimistic.

A recent Gallup poll found that about half of all U.S. families have been affected by substance use disorders. Your former employer may be more supportive than you imagine once they see you are serious about your recovery.

If a new job is the best option, don’t forget to use your resources to help find suitable work. Let your peers in your sober community know you’re looking for a job, or register at a local employment assistance service.

Maybe your life after rehab includes an entirely new career change. Make an appointment at your local community college or vocational school to explore your options.

The Bluffs Wants You to Enjoy Life After Rehab

Seeing our patients thrive after completing treatment is one of the greatest joys we experience as addiction specialists. Call The Bluffs at 850.374.5331, and take the first step to your new life today.

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