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Dealing with anxiety is common for many people seeking treatment for substance use disorders. However, full-blown anxiety disorders require specialized co-occurring disorders treatment to help patients deal with their condition and create the best chances for recovery.

Addiction and anxiety disorders co-occur at extremely high rates and can be a barrier for many people seeking treatment. With an anxiety and addiction treatment program, Ohio patients can get the help they need to overcome their addiction and start the path to wellness. 

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Prevalence of Co-Occurring Disorders

People seeking treatment for substance use disorders have alarmingly high rates of co-occurring anxiety. Recent evidence shows that nearly 18% of people with a substance use disorder also meet the criteria for generalized anxiety disorder, and women are more likely than men to experience anxiety.

Studies also suggest that anxiety disorders frequently precede the diagnosis of substance use disorders. This evidence suggests that many people may use substances as a method of dealing with their anxiety, only to see their use get out of hand and become a full-blown addiction.

Is Self-Medication the Option?

The self-medication hypothesis suggests that many people develop substance use disorders to cope with mental health problems. In the case of anxiety, this could come in the form of drinking to overcome social anxiety, using drugs to escape panic attacks, or simply finding significant relief from the physical symptoms of anxiety through the use of substances.

While this may be a temporary solution, evidence suggests that this unhealthy coping mechanism only worsens anxiety in the long run. With the help of anxiety and addiction treatment, Ohio patients can discover healthier coping mechanisms for dealing with their anxiety, allowing them to manage their symptoms without turning to substance use.

How is Anxiety Treated?

Anxiety treatment typically comes in the form of targeted psychotherapy and teaching healthy coping skills. There are a variety of evidence-based practices that have been shown to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and help people to lead happier, healthier lives, including:

With the help of a therapist who has experience working with anxiety disorders, you can learn to identify situations that trigger your anxiety, reframe your anxious thoughts, and manage the physiological symptoms of anxiety through healthy coping mechanisms.

Anxiety and Addiction Treatment

Ohio patients with both anxiety and addiction issues can benefit from finding a facility with dual-diagnosis options. In addiction treatment, it’s important to recognize and acknowledge co-occurring disorders in the treatment process to understand the unique challenges each patient faces and develop an individualized treatment plan. 

With the help of an addiction and anxiety treatment center, Ohio treatment seekers can disrupt the downward spiral of self-medication and break free from their substance use disorders.

Dual-diagnosis facilities use a multi-pronged approach to treating addiction and co-occurring disorders. A multidisciplinary team works together to ensure that all patients receive holistic healthcare and can help therapists understand each patient’s unique circumstances. 

This extensive professional support can facilitate standard addiction treatment by preventing patients from experiencing excessive anxiety that stands in the way of their recovery goals.

Anxiety and Addiction Treatment Programs from The Bluffs Ohio

Ohio patients looking for dual-diagnosis care need look no further than The Bluffs Ohio. Our treatment center prides itself on providing evidence-based practices that are effective at helping people overcome addiction and the mental health disorders that so frequently co-occur with it. Contact 850-374-5331 today to find the compassionate addiction and anxiety treatment center Ohio patients deserve.