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More than just a side effect of substance use, anger problems can drive people further into their addictions and make it harder for them to recover. Fortunately, with combined anger management and addiction treatment, Ohio patients can discover how to manage their anger problems and find an easier way to heal. 

Contact The Bluffs Ohio at 850-374-5331 to learn about our co-occurring disorders treatment options and start your new, sober life today.

The Harmful Effects of Anger

Anger is a normal human emotion, but it causes more trouble for some people than others. There are a few telltale signs of anger issues that might suggest seeking treatment as the best option:

These signs are common in people with anger issues, and you can learn how to cope better with anger management programs and psychotherapy.

More than just damaging your relationships, there’s even evidence that anger problems can affect your physical health. Several studies have shown that people who frequently experience anger have a higher risk of all forms of cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks. Finding healthy coping mechanisms for your anger can reduce these risks.

How Addiction and Anger Feed Off Each Other

For many people, addiction and anger go hand in hand. It’s a two-way relationship—you may get angry and use alcohol or drugs to calm down, or your substance use can trigger your anger. Many people will also turn to substances after their anger has subsided, attempting to treat the shame or guilt they feel from their actions while angry.

Self-medicating can quickly become a destructive spiral, making both your anger problems and substance use issues much greater over time. Without the help of anger management and addiction treatment programs, Ohio patients may experience greater and greater consequences due to their damaging habits.

Finding Help for Anger

At an anger management treatment center, Ohio clinicians offer several services to help people get both their anger and their substance use under control. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps people reframe their thought processes, taking them off the ledge from an anger blowout. Individual therapy can help people to identify the root cause of their anger. Group therapy can show people with anger problems that they’re not alone and that recovery is possible. 

In addition, individual and family therapy options can begin to heal the damage caused by co-occurring anger and addiction. This brings families and friendships back together to create a supportive network for recovery. 

These treatment options and more are available at an addiction and anger management treatment center. Ohio patients with co-occurring anger and addiction can recover, provided they are willing to seek help.

Addiction Recovery

With concurrent anger management and addiction treatment, Ohio patients can work on both problems simultaneously. This is the surest path to recovery since anger and addiction are frequently intertwined. 

When anger management programs combine with traditional addiction recovery models, you can learn how your addiction and anger interact and get help for both problems.

An Anger Management and Addiction Treatment Program in Ohio Can Make the Difference

Anger and addiction don’t have to be life sentences. With compassionate, evidence-based care, recovery is always possible. Ohio treatment seekers looking for a program that treats the whole person can find evidence-based support at The Bluffs Ohio. Call The Bluffs Ohio at 850-374-5331 to learn more about our dual-diagnosis treatment programs and get the help you need today.

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