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Is Inpatient Rehab Right for Me?

choosing inpatient rehab
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Addiction is highly destructive, and the negative consequences of substance use can extend into all areas of your life. When you realize it’s time to get help through a substance use treatment program, it’s normal to feel uncertain about which type of program is right for you. Should you try a medical detox, outpatient, or inpatient treatment program?

The best approach usually incorporates all three treatment models. Here’s how to know if inpatient rehab is the right choice for you. 

The Bluffs is here to help when you’re considering inpatient treatment. Call 850.374.5331 or complete our online form for more information on inpatient treatment at The Bluffs. 

Why Inpatient Rehab Is the Best Choice

If your substance use has impacted your life to the point that you’re considering treatment options, inpatient rehab is probably the right choice. 

A standard inpatient program lasts 20–30 days, while long-term inpatient programs can range from 60 days to a year. When you dedicate this sort of time to your rehab, you can medically detox and then stay away from the temptation to use again. 

Inpatient programs typically include a combination of therapy methods to provide mental health support. An inpatient program also allows the time to understand your patterns of substance use and internalize alternative coping methods when you feel tempted to use again. 

An inpatient program temporarily removes the possibility of relapse and immerses you in a substance-free lifestyle. Patients who complete an inpatient program can build a stronger foundation for success in remaining substance-free.

What to Look for When Choosing Inpatient Rehab Centers

When considering inpatient treatment, look for specific programs or therapy methods that might work best for you. 

The Bluffs offers special treatment programs for patients dealing with specific challenges like co-occurring disorders, opioid addiction, or pregnancy. 

Some patients experience higher levels of success with medication-assisted therapy programs. Others benefit from psychotherapy treatments to get to the root of unresolved trauma behind substance use. 

The Bluffs believes the best treatment program is tailored to meet each patient’s specific needs. 

What to Do When Inpatient Rehab Isn’t Possible

For some people, choosing inpatient addiction treatment isn’t a possibility. In fact, there are many reasons why this might be the case. Some include: 

  • No insurance
  • Inpatient programs aren’t covered by insurance
  • Can’t afford the out-of-pocket cost
  • Work or school responsibilities
  • No options for childcare

These are valid reasons that often keep people from choosing inpatient rehab. However, before you decide that an inpatient program won’t work for you, make absolutely sure you’ve exhausted your options. 

The Bluffs can help you clearly understand your insurance options and create a manageable payment plan if you’re uninsured or underinsured. 

Addiction is a serious medical issue, and many schools and workplaces can grant you a medical leave of absence. Medical issues are private, and you shouldn’t have to disclose your reasons for taking leave. 

Inpatient treatment is the best option to give you the tools to maintain a long-term substance-free lifestyle. However, if choosing inpatient addiction treatment is truly not an option for you, an outpatient program is the next best choice. 

The staff at The Bluffs can answer any questions you have about choosing the right program for you. 

Get Help Today at The Bluffs

Deciding to attend an inpatient rehab is a big step. It’s normal to feel apprehension, but you’ll find that the positive life changes it leads to are worth it. 

Whether you’re ready to enroll in an inpatient program or you still have questions, the compassionate and experienced staff at The Bluffs are here to help. 

Call 850.374.5331 or complete an online form for more information about the inpatient rehab program at The Bluffs.

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