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The Best Ways to Give Back in Recovery & Help Others with Struggling with Addiction

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While you were still using or drinking, you likely put drugs and alcohol above anything else in your life. Now that you have completed residential treatment and gotten sober, you may be looking to change your priorities and get involved with the recovery community.

Opportunities for Giving Back in Recovery from Addiction

While a large part of getting sober is about learning to take better care of yourself, it can also be a good time to start giving back. Especially with your firsthand knowledge of everything from going through a drug detox to finding a sponsor, you could be a valuable asset to the recovery community or those struggling with substance use who have yet to get help. There is no time like the present to give back in addiction recovery, so here are some good opportunities to start.


There are plenty of organizations out there that work in some capacity with substance use and a lot of opportunities for volunteering in addiction recovery. Volunteer with a hotline, take on a leadership position in a support group, or work with your past addiction treatment center to help with alumni events. Many of these organizations and groups are constantly looking for volunteers and will welcome your firsthand knowledge.

Raise Money

There are a lot of nonprofit organizations with causes related to addiction that could benefit from outside funding. Instead of just donating money, go one step further. Do your research to find an organization with a specific cause that speaks to you and then organize a fundraiser for that organization.

Share Your Story

One of the best and easiest ways to give back in recovery is to share your sobriety story. A lot of people who are struggling with substance use are hesitant to get help, but your story could give them hope and encourage them to get treatment. You could share your story casually with those around you or take a larger approach like blogging about your experiences or becoming a speaker on the topic.

Become a Sponsor

Once you are more established in your sobriety, getting involved and volunteering in recovery could be as simple as becoming a sponsor. Be sure to be active in this role and go out of your way to help your sponsee when they are in need.

Create a Scholarship

Not everyone is able to afford treatment, so they may neglect to get help altogether. If you have the funds, a good way to give back in recovery is to create a scholarship fund. Your scholarship could help someone get the treatment they need and give them the opportunity to change their life for the better. Volunteering and giving back is so important. Now that you are in recovery, make time to help others or the recovery community so that others can find lasting sobriety just like you. At The Bluffs, formerly The Bluffs, we want our patients to not only overcome their substance use but also to find happier and healthier lives. Contact us today to learn more about becoming a part of our community.

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